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“Path of Beauty…in the beginning”

First Feather Gallery will after the Sarasota Native American Indian Festival in February.

Sarasota Sunshine
Monument Valley G. Noriega credit
Marble Canyon
Path of Beauty Legacy, inc
Angel Cloud credit Donna Avery
2019 Sarasota Native American Indian Festival

A short film about the life of legendary Navajo artist (the late) Rex A. Begaye and the journey of opening First Feather Gallery in Sarasota, the preservation of the Sarasota Native American Indian Festival, and the founding of “Path of Beauty Legacy inc” a non profit 501(c)3 to preserve Rex’s legacy.

The History

(the late) Rex A. Begaye made Sarasota his second home in the mid 90’s, enchanted with Sarasota’s beauty and the strong art scene. His passion to share Native American art and culture inspired him to create the Sarasota Native American Indian festival in 2008 which continues to bring authentic Native American fine artists, cultural educators and entertainers, traditional drumming, dance, music and food to Sarasota as part of Rex’s legacy.

Rex and I met in 1998 and shared a 15 year journey together. Since his passing in December 2013 I have continued his legacy. Over the years he taught me more than I ever realized until the day came that I had to carry on his work.

(the late) Rex’s meticulous nature flowed into the artwork, expressing his understanding of conscious art as a tool to bring healing to the Earth and all people. He shared with me many of the stories, meanings and inspirations of his artwork along with how to print, mat and frame them over the years, an apprenticeship that prepared me for today. The dream of opening up First Feather Gallery in Sarasota is now coming true…

In 2015, “Path of Beauty film” was seeded. Filming took place throughout Sarasota, Ohio, Colorado and Arizona. The feature film is still in production. I have spent the past 5 years healing and am now ready bring these projects to fruition.

The Future

“Path of Beauty film …in the beginning” A Short Film, brings to life the journey to create the “Path of Beauty Legacy” not-for-profit and opening of First Feather Gallery llc in Sarasota Florida.

It’s been a long journey for me since (the late) Rex A. Begaye took his journey to the other side.

He has made it clear he is watching over me and guides me. My love for him and passion to preserve (the late) Rex A. Begaye’s legacy drives my commitment to these projects with a focus of leaving something for the generations to come to receive and learn from.

I’ve also had the opportunity to join our local community radio station, WSLR as a co-host on “Indigenous Sounds” with Sal White Horse. Please visit us on Monday nights 9-11.

Indigenous Sounds co-host Barbara Huntoon

Through Path of Beauty Legacy, inc., Sarasota Native American Indian Festival is now a part of this legacy and Rex’s legacy has now become my legacy…

With Love and Gratitude,

Barbara Huntoon

News Flash

We are also happy to announce the birth of:

“First Annual Sarasota Native American Indian Film Festival”.

The Sarasota Native American Indian Festival is in collaboration with “The Boxser Diversity Initiative” , “The Sarasota Film Festival” and “Florida American Indian Movement” to bring the First Annual Sarasota Native American Indian Film Festival to Sarasota the evenings of January 23-25 2020 .

Thank you Dan and Litten Boxser for your passion and commitment to bring community together and co-creating this bridge with the Native American community by bringing this film festival to Sarasota.

We will be updating details on the event and posting them on our social media page on FB/sarasotanativefest

JJ Otero, Navajo/Hopi Native Soul guitarist

Please check out JJ Otero’s new documentary…